Trust me - you do know, you just might not know you know yet... but when you do figure out your answers to 'who?', 'what?' and also your 'why?' it will change everything. (I know that's quite a statement, but please bear with me!)

This is because these three little words are fundamental to how and why you make your decisions, how you react in certain situations and how you feel. If you understand them and the values you have that lead to the answers, you will understand you.

This will in turn make making decisions easier, give you more self confidence and higher self esteem so you will be less reactive and make you feel happier. In short it will make life a lot more simple.

Why is this?, because you will be doing all of these things based on what you, not society, not your parents, or your best friend, neighbour, colleagues or anyone else values but what the centre of wonderful unique you cares deeply about.

If you're reading this and thinking "shoot I have no clue who I am, what I want or why I do the things I do" don't worry - you are where I was about a year ago. I honestly had no clue at all and when I tried to figure it out it felt like I had discovered a huge void inside my mind and my heart. There was just nothing there apart from an empty, hollow feeling. At times it felt like I was looking into an abyss!

If you are anything like me it may take a fair wee while to figure out your answers to 'who?', 'what?' and 'why?', please don't give up or be disheartened if it does, I promise it's worth it. It is always, always worth investing time and effort in you.

In my case, the reason I didn't know was because I had completely lost contact with 'my centre' or stopped listening to my intuition if you prefer. So even if it (she?) did know the answers, I was never going to hear them. I had spent so many years building walls, numbing emotions, saying yes to things my heart said no to and doing what I thought everyone else wanted me to do that somewhere along the way I had lost me. I was so lost that I had even become good at brainwashing myself into believing the exact opposite of what I now know my heart wants.

I know this because I figured out how to reconnect with me, and as a result I now have the answers I was searching for; I know who I am, what I value and most importantly why I do things because I understand myself better. If I can figure it all out, so can you and I'm going to help you do it.

Understanding me has enabled me to grow into a version of myself that I am happy with, it has also allowed me to fill my days with the people and activities that I care deeply about and it has changed everything I mentioned above and more.

So how did I reconnect with my centre and how do you do it too?

The good news is there are lots and lots of different ways of reconnecting with you, but the basic principle is to go after and choose to do more of the things that spark joy and resonate with you. I know this sounds vague, but this is because the exact recipe will be unique to you and this is where the time and effort comes in. You need to try things, maybe lots of things, maybe not. See it as a big self experiment with the aim being to find you.

To help you do this I am going to share all the things I did to find me, my resonances, my sparks and my answers as well everything I've learned in the pursuit of understanding me. I really hope it will inspire you to find yours and help you to understand yourself better so you can really be you.

Samantha x

with love,