Released in 2018 by Scottish multi instrumentalist, singer and composer Phamie Gow, Beyond The Milky Way is gorgeous collection of uplifting and tranquil pieces that make the perfect accompaniment for a study session or quiet afternoon.

The album features beautiful piano solos and pieces for piano and string ensemble. McOpera (who are usually to be found playing with the Scottish Opera Orchestra) add further depth and colour to Gow's already rich soundworld and piano playing.

Financed by a crowdfunding campaign, it is a real gem and has a lovely feeling of joy that permeates each of the 11 tracks.

I adore Phamie Gow's music, not only is it beautiful to listen to, it is a joy to play too. It is demanding to play well, as it requires a lot of skill and good technique to bring out all of the nuanced details she writes. Playing her music has made me a better musician.

I hope you enjoy this album, let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you are a pianist or harpist of grade 6 and above I really do urge you to check out Phamie Gow's sheet music, it is wonderful escapism to get lost in her scores.

with love,