— ANON —

Growing up in a sport-obsessed household with a Father who played rugby, a Mother who trained to be a ballerina and also dancing relatively seriously myself, I’ve always been aware on some level of how important nutrition is for athletic performance and endurance.

But it wasn't until recently that I realised that the right nourishment can also play a significant role in keeping your mind and brain healthy, as certain foods can help support healthy brain function and regulate key brain chemicals.

In my quest to beat depression I tried a lot of different things to help improve how I felt. Altering my diet to include more omega 3, Vitamin E, flavonoids and several other key brain nutrients was one such thing. It took a couple of weeks to take effect, but little by little my mood improved, my energy levels increased and my anxiety levels reduced.

When you think about it, given how important certain nutrients and foods are for keeping your body and your heart healthy it makes perfect sense that it would be possible for what you eat to also have a big impact on the health of your brain - I just hadn't thought about it before.

The good news is that it doesn’t involve huge changes (if you eat relatively well already), or any crazy diet regimes, it also doesn't even mean cutting out the things you love! It just involves substituting or adding more of a couple of key ingredients and eating food rich in certain nutrients so that you can achieve the optimum balance for a healthy mind and a healthy body.

The best news... chocolate is totally ok, in fact it is a good source of flavonoids, a nutrient that has been shown to improve brain function - it has to be dark chocolate though.

I think that food is something that should be enjoyed and not something which makes you feel guilty. This becomes easier when you start to make healthier choices about what you eat. If you choose food that tastes amazing and nourishes you it will also make you feel good.

Therefore I have created lots of delicious, simple recipes which are full of healthy ingredients so that you can still enjoy the dishes you love and increase the amount of brain nourishing food you eat.

If you make any of my recipes I'd love see the results! Comment below or share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #ayanenourish.

Happy cooking, baking and eating!


with love,