This month's playlist is inspired by my favourite season - Spring! The spring sunshine and the flowers beginning to bloom after a long, cold grey winter are things I will always savour and be grateful for.

I have selected over 2hrs of beautiful, soothing and uplifting music to help you sleep, find a moment of calm or just take your mind off the surreal world we live in at the moment.

One little note if you are going to use this list as part of a daily listening / meditation practice, please listen to both 'Spring Recomposed' pieces by Max Richter together, as Spring 0 is essentially an introduction to Spring 1.

(You don't need a premium Spotify account to listen to my playlists, you can sign up for a free account)

If you want to add another element to your listening practice, can I suggest Courtney Carver's lovely 'Hands on Heart' practice while you listen to pieces from this playlist?

In her wonderful book 'Soulful Simplicity' Courtney talks about one of the ways she made space and time for herself was by listening to her heart in a very literal way.

"I put one hand on my heart and then cover it with the other hand, as if I were holding my heart. It's a gesture to tell my heart, "I've got you. I trust you. I am here to listen to you." And then I sit with my eyes softly looking down, or closed, and I wait. Sometimes there's nothing, just me sitting quietly holding my heart. But the more I practice, the safer my heart feels, the more she speaks to me. This practice helped me develop the confidence to trust the voice inside that I'd been ignoring for so long."

This practice is particularly helpful if you are feeling a little lost or vulnerable as many of us are at the moment. It is a little practice I have added to my evening ritual. I curl up in bed holding my heart as I listen to one of my playlists and gently fall asleep.

with love,