No matter how many mistakes you make
or how slow your progress,
You are still way ahead of everyone
who isn't trying.

It can be very easy to judge ourselves too harshly for mistakes and times of slow progress. But it is important to remember that they are part of the process; a mistake is something to learn from and teaches us how to be or do better and slow progress is because the task needs time and focused attention.

Any progress should be celebrated because you are brave enough to try and that is more than most will ever do.

So this week I invite you to celebrate the progress you make on the things that matter to you by jotting a wee note down in your journal or notebook and to write down what any mistakes you make teach you.

I started doing this months ago and it really shocked me how much progress I actually made. Even the tiniest of steps matter and add up into quite a lot of progress surprisingly quickly. By recording it you notice it more and it helps you acknowledge it.

with love,