One of Liszt's gems today, played by one of my favourite pianists; Consolation No.3, played by Alice Sara Ott.

You'll notice several pieces played by Alice Sara throughout my 'piano celebration' month. I could honestly listen to her play all day, I think her interpretations are the perfect blend of virtuosic technique, expression and understanding of the pieces. They are pure magic and I really recommend checking out her discography on Spotify.

Consolation No.3 is in my top 10 pieces of all time, I think it's just gorgeous. Last night I decided to download the sheet music for the harp transcription... realising that I've been saying for years, "I'd love to play this piece one day" for a long time and last night I just thought "why not attempt it now?!".

If there is one thing I've learned over the last couple of years, it is that life is short and why put things off to 'one day'...  at the moment it looks a little terrifying, but hopefully at some point I'll be able to record and share my version with you all.

Wish me luck!! Below is an image of page 3.... think it's going to melt my brain for a while!!

image from musescore
with love,