The stunningly beautiful Evening Star (the original) by Frances Shelley for your Friday Piece + Quiet, from her stunning album A Place That Exists.

Every piece on this (her most recent) album is real gem and if you enjoy listening to today's piece I urge you to listen to the whole album.

Frances Shelley is a composer, improvisor and pianist based in East Anglia (UK), creating Neo Classical piano and electronic music. A long term animist and nature lover, her new work is inspired by the wild landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland and explores the connection between such places on our planet and the place that exists within the human soul.  

She calls the album ‘a hymn to the planet’.  

Her two previous self released albums Wilderness Rhapsodies (2010) and Interiors  (2005) are available on her Bandcamp and were created in response to Butley Priory the 12C former monastery in the wilds of Suffolk where she lives, and it’s surroundings.

with love,