A spot of Tchaikovsky today, to go with the beautiful spring sunshine that is gently encouraging the first flowers and blossom of the year to bloom in my garden today.

It is a truly gorgeous piece of ballet music that I've had the privilege of dancing to once in a small ballet gala many moons ago. So it has very happy memories for me.

The 'Waltz of the Flowers'  was composed in 1892 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and features in the second act of 'The Nutcraker' ballet.

He told friends and fellow musicians that he was thoroughly enjoying working on a 'fantastic' new ballet.

"It is awfully fun to write a march for tin soldiers, a waltz of the flowers, etc"

Over the years the piece has been arranged for all sort of instrument combinations and also transcribed for solo instruments. I actually have a wonderful transcription by German harpist Silke Aichorn on my music stand at the moment.

I know 'The Nutcracker' is traditionally a Christmas ballet, but this piece just seems appropriate for today's beautiful sunshine.

with love,