A lovely combination of Alice Sara Ott and Debussy today with Rêverie.

Debussy composed Rêverie in 1890 when he was 28. The same year he wrote the Suite Bergamasque (of which Clair du Lune is the third movement), Deux Arabesques and the Valse Romantique.

Although these pieces are quite early works, they contain hints of Debussy's developing musical style. They are considered as very early impressionistic pieces of music, following the French visual art form that prevailed at the time.

Debussy creates vivid and evocative scenes by wandering through various modes and keys, pursuing an experimental approach to composition that had been frowned upon by his conservatoire tutors.

Rêverie quickly became popular along with all the aforementioned works and they remain a staple of concert repertoire to this day.

I have loved Debussy since I was a child, when I played my first piece of his for my grade 5 flute at the age of 10. His music has such a feeling of freedom that you can get lost in. It is full of what I refer to as 'glowy moments', those moments that seem to make your heart lift and feel like it's glowing.

I think Alice Sara Ott's interpretation is wonderful, she really brings out the dreamlike feeling and quality and her 'glowy moments' are full of colour and warmth.

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