An achingly beautiful violin piece today called Musica Universalis by Alex Baranowski and played by one of my favourite violinists, Daniel Hope.

The concept of Music Musica Universalis - or as is also known 'music of the spheres' or 'harmony of the spheres' - has fascinated me since I first learned of it. For those of you interested here follows a brief description courtesy of Wikipedia...

"It is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies (the Sun, Moon, and planets) as a form of music. This is not thought to be audible, but rather a harmonic, mathematical or religious concept.  The idea continued to appeal to scholars until the end of the Renaissance, influencing many kinds of scholars, including humanists."

Interestingly recent scientific exploration has discovered orbital resonance in specific proportions in some orbital motion.... clever people those ancients!

with love,
Samantha x

with love,