Some Kind of Peace is the latest album from the Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. Released two weeks ago on the 6th of November, it is pensive and reflective – perfect if you are trying to de-cluttered your mind and relieve a little anxiety.

As the name suggests the album is serene and peaceful, and builds beautifully on his two decades of creating ambient sounds for various projects. While the album is mainly the work of Arnalds', it does feature a handful of collaborations with Josin, JFDR and Bonobo.

Created in his new studio in Reykjavík, and born out of a conversation with a friend the album explores and reflects on the attitude that we cannot control everything in the world, only how we react.

“All we can do is control how we react to what life gives us. That just totally clicked; to me the music symbolises that reaction,” he explains. “This album is very much about letting go."

This way of thinking has not always been easy for Arnalds - a self confessed control freak - but in a year where pretty much everything has been upended it has proved to be a useful tool for getting through.

The result is a stunning album that is very much the tonic we all need right now.

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