Keep your chin up little stargazer,
At worlds above our own,
You are small but you are stardust,
And that's worth more than you've known,
For every sun and solar flare,
Is made up just like you,
And if they're cause for wonder,
Then I promise you are too.

Look out little stargazer,
'Til nothing's left unseen,
And know there's not a patch of sky,
Where no-one's eyes have been,
That the darkness that enfolds you,
Holds countless other starlit hearts,
And with this you stand together,
Though you live lifetimes apart.

Be brave now little stargazer,
The sky is growing light,
And courage wanes like moonbeams,
When it's pulled out from the night,
But like those who gazed before you;
Know when your heart it full of fear,
That it is always in the darkness,
That the stars start to appear.

Before I came across one of Erin Hanson's poems I must admit I wasn't really one for poetry. But her words just really resonant with me.

When I read this poem this afternoon it just made me smile, so hopefully in posting it here on AYANE I'm sharing a smile with you.

with love,